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You've managed to work out a fitness plan for other areas of your life such as diet, exercise, friendships, finances, etc. But what about the fitness of your relationship?

Take TURNS — Intimacy in Marriage

Intimacy is a huge part of a successful marriage and should not be ignored. Try to bring a little more excitement into your relationship, and don't be afraid to experiment and learn new and exciting ways to please each other. Keeping intimacy alive is very healthy and will go a long way in strengthening the relationship.

Restore the Passion

Passion and intimacy in a relationship is not only healthy but also very important. Couples need to enjoy being together in an intimate way. When relationships are troubled, as they sometimes are, the last thing either person wants is to be passionate with each other. However, this is a part of the healing process and it helps with the rebuilding of the relationship. Even though it might be awkward in the beginning, it is crucial. This does not mean that you have to always jump in bed with each other. There are others ways to be romantic and experience intimacy. For example, holding hands, hugging each other, taking romantic strolls together, massaging one another, talking to each other over a nice candlelit dinner, touching one another, saying "I love you", etc. Use whatever works for you and don't be afraid to try new ways.

Romantic Settings

Make your intimate time together special. Surprise your mate with a warm bubble bath, body massage, soft music, and candlelit dinner. Lavish your spouse with compliments and reaffirm how much you love each other. Enjoy this time together. Make your bedroom warm and inviting with scented incense sticks, fresh clean sheets, romantic music, lighted candles, and anything else that you feel would add romance to the environment.

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